Welcome to The Region Life. A personal blog and the occasional interview with the great people of Northwest Indiana (aka: The Region).

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Peter, and I am a Region Rat (which means I am a native of Northwest Indiana). Yes, that is me in the picture above. One thing to know about me: I don’t like taking selfies or pictures of just me. That’s why I posted a nice picture of me and my beautiful wife Lea. If you decide to follow along, you’ll get to know me pretty well and learn about even more things I dislike! Sounds appealing right? Keep reading!

I created this blog for many reasons:

  • To write about the things I truly love and enjoy. For example, I have a series where I discuss my favorite DC Comic books. I also rant about the Chicago Bulls from time to time, and tell you about our kitten, Winston the cat (He has his own series as well: A Day in the Life of Winston the Cat).
  • To talk about my life and what’s going on in it. It is a personal blog after all, so I want to make sure it has that personal touch. I’m also a pretty open person, which makes telling you all about my life so much easier.
  • To show the world how great the region is! I have an interview series where I meet with my fellow region rats and have them tell me (and you) about their lives. Who they are, what they do, and what they enjoy in life. I also have another series I write called Exploring the Region, where I tell you about new and interesting places in Northwest Indiana that I’ve been to.

You can read about all of this, and so much more, if you decide to follow along by subscribing for FREE to my email list (If you’re on your phone the subscribe box will be below. If you’re on a computer it will be on the top right!) If you have a WordPress account, you can also follow me through the website! If you’re on social media, you can follow me on Instagram & Twitter @TheRegionLife

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